Are we really 99.9999999% empty space?

Hey, don’t worry about it…it doesn’t matter! To put it simply, our bodies are 99.9999999% “empty space”. The nuclei of an atom is 100,000 times smaller then it’s amorphous outer shell, so what’s going on in there? Is it really just empty space? We don’t exist in the way we assume that we do. It’s possible to say that we live in a vast energetic matrix, since we are essentially made up of vibrating electromagnetic energy. We have never touched anything in our lives, and that’s a fact.

It’s sometimes helpful to remind ourselves of mind-boggling facts about our physical world that we take for granted. You may have learned this topic this in school, but it’s just so easy to forget. We take life so seriously, and should we? If you stop to think about it, our reality is utterly magical and mysterious. In fact, you can say a lot of modern philosophy and healing stems from our understanding of quantum physics. Let’s take a quick look.

To start lets review the proportions of an atom. I’m going to take the visual approach to paint a picture. If the nuclei was the size of a piece of rice, the outer shell would be about the size of a football stadium. The protons and electrons circling the nucleus are also similar in size to a piece of rice. Each proton and electron are made up of 3 quarks which means “zero point energy” in rotation at extremely high speeds creating electromagnetic energy. These quarks are kept in motion non-stop 24 hours a day, for eons, giving us the “illusion" of solid matter. A bit like a hologram, but much more dense. 

Do we ever actually “touch” anything? Can we truly pick a leaf off a tree or sit on a rock, since our world is made up of countless atoms? Can we at least give our friends a hug? It sure feels like it! But in reality our energetic outer electrons are pushing away with equal force your friends energetic outer electrons, and it’s that electromagnetic signal which will in nanoseconds give us the sensation of “touch” with the help of our nervous system, which acts as an electric circuit. As well all know, the nervous system is how our bodies communicate with the “outside world”. Next, that electric signal is received by our brain as a pulse. Our neurons then fire-off a message (a code) that tells us to feel warm, cold, fuzzy, bumpy, wet, etc. Our bodies sound a lot like a biological machine, an extremely advanced one. 

So what’s left? It’s been said by scientists that the sum of all the matter in our physical bodies (with every ounce of “empty space” removed) would fit into a tiny spec of dust! Need I say more. And now that we’ve reviewed the atom, we can’t really call it “empty space” in the traditional sense. It’s probably more accurate to say we are (human) energy beings. Since we are far more electromagnetic energy then we are physical matter! It’s powerful to think about and I urge you to check out quantum physics.

November 30, 2017 by Rebecca Wolfe

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